Throughout my childhood my grandfather Mario used to take me for joyful walks around the olive groves and vineyards he had planted. He took pride in his work and wanted to pass it on to younger generations. It was because of him that I developed a love and passion for nature, the Istrian land and all its fruits. From an early age, I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I grow up.

Following my dreams, I attended an agricultural high school in Poreč, and graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb. I also took the opportunity to improve my knowledge in further training at the Faculty of Agriculture in Udine, Italy.


All our olive groves are based in Kamponovo, a location near the village of Dajla, within the area of Novigrad-Cittanova. Kamponovo is a slightly elevated micro location near the sea. Its persistent wind currents create excellent conditions for olive cultivation. The top quality of our oil is partly a result of the level of salinity in the air, which increases during stronger wind currents coming from the sea.

In our olive groves, we cultivate different indigenous and introduced varieties –Leccino, Istarska bjelica, Buža, Pendolino and Frantoio.


The name of our brand comes from the Greek word “rheos” which means “spring” or “flow”. It symbolizes the process of making “liquid, green gold” – extra virgin olive oil, from its source – freshly picked olive drupes. The love of olives, grapevines, and the Istrian soil is deeply ingrained in the roots of the Brečević family. Through three generations, our family has developed a strong tradition of olive tree cultivation and olive oil production.

My grandfather Mario planted the first grove in 1981 out of 60 olive trees, and we are still cultivating it. The planting continued in the 1990s, when his son Dušan, who is my father, planted 200 more olive trees in a new grove. Growing up alongside them, my love for cultivating olives flourished, and with time, it turned into a desire to expand the groves and to produce high-quality olive oil.



Belvedere 48, Dajla – Novigrad 52466 – Hrvatska

Phone: + 385 97 782 9468