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All our olive groves are based in Kamponovo, a location near the village of Dajla, within the area of Novigrad-Cittanova. Kamponovo is a slightly elevated micro location near the sea. Its persistent wind currents create excellent conditions for olive cultivation. The top quality of our oil is partly a result of the level of salinity in the air, which increases during stronger wind currents coming from the sea.

In our olive groves, we cultivate different indigenous and introduced varieties –Leccino, Istarska bjelica, Buža, Pendolino and Frantoio.


Rheos extra virgin olive oil is a combination of five different olive varieties: Leccino, Pendolino, Frantoio, Buža and Istarska Bjelica.
We are trying to obtain the best from every particular variety, which makes our oil extremely rich and complex.

High quailty oil obtained directly from olives by mechanical procedures.


The color is intensely green and the smell is refined. The combination of different olive varieties gives us a scent of fresh cut grass, green apple, artichoke, almond and aromatic herbs.
The richness of scent can also be recognized in taste, where peppery sensation along with pleasant bitterness create a unique experience.

There are plenty of interesting combinations so we encourage you to play around with your creativity and find your best pairing.

Rheos extra virgin olive oil comes in three different sizes:
250 ml, 500 ml i 750 ml
Keep away from light and heat.
Our olive oil has a unique flavor profile which pairs best with bitter vegetables such as chicory, radicchio and arugula, boletus cream soup, white and red meat, fish dishes and seafood, and different types of cheese. Also, it will perfectly fit in desserts with bitter chocolate.



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